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SoundOut is an expert assistance program focused on promoting Student Voice and Meaningful Student Involvement throughout education.


We work with K-12 schools, districts, state and provincial education agencies, and nonprofit education organizations across the United States and Canada.





About the Frameworks

Educators and students hear student voice everyday. Defined as, "the distinct ideas, opinions, attitudes, knowledge, and actions of young people as they express themselves regarding schools," student voice happens when groups of students collect in the hallway after class to talk bad about teachers, when impassioned students go to the school board meeting to demand funding for new textbooks, and when students regularly throw away kiwi fruit in the cafeteria. However, most students and adults would agree that those frequently are not meaningful experiences.

Similarly, student involvement activities have been popular in schools since John Dewey first popularized student governments at the beginning of the 20th century. Planning social dances, leading after school clubs and choosing which extracurricular classes to take have long been cited by educators as great ways to engage students. However, when shown options students rarely declare these activities to be meaningful, and after learning about alternatives teachers often agree.

Since 2001 SoundOut has been worked with more than 250 K-12 schools, districts, and state education agencies across the United States and Canada to help students and educators work together to determine what meaningful student involvement is. After comparing these findings to variety of research literature Adam Fletcher created the Frameworks for Meaningful Student Involvement. Following is that Framework, including a series of essential tips, outlines, rubrics and other devices meant to explore the depth, breadth and purpose of engaging students as partners in school change.


About SoundOut


SoundOut has worked in more than 100 K-12 schools and districts across the United States and around the world. Learn more about us, and for more information contact us.


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