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SoundOut Student Voice Research Review

The goal of this Research Review is to identify some of the most significant publications that are widely available that address issues important to meaningful student involvement; namely, they include:

  • The purpose of student voice;

  • The identity of students who are involved;

  • The authority granted to students to create change;

  • The role of student/adult partnerships in school change; and

  • Critical examination of student voice and involvement.

Simply click on the title for a description of the research findings, and a link to the article if available.

Research Reviews


Student Perspectives on School Improvement by John Beresford (2000)  


Authorizing Studentsí Perspectives: Toward Trust, Dialogue, and Change in Education by Allison Cook-Sather (2002).


Fires in the Bathroom: Advice for Teachers from High School Students by Kathleen Cushman (2003)


The Question Of The Student In Educational Reform by DP Ericson & FS Ellett (2002).


Special Forum Issue on Student Voice edited by Michael Fielding (2001).


The Roles of Youth in Society: A Reconceptualization. by Ruthanne Kurth-Schai (1988).


Look Who's Talking Now: Student Views of Restructuring Schools edited by John Kushman (1997).


Putting Students at the Centre in Education Reform by Barry Levin (1999).


Student Voice in School Reform: Reframing Student-Teacher Relationships and Opening the Floodgates: Giving Students a Voice in School Reform. by Dana Mitra (2003).


Learning from Student Voices edited by Penny Oldfather (1995).


Student Leadership and Restructuring: A Case Study by Cynthia Reed (1998).


Critical Voices in School Reform: Students Living Through Change edited by B. Rubin & E. Silva (2003).


How to Improve Your School: Giving Pupils a Voice by J. Rudduck & J. Flutter (2004).


In Our Own Words: Students' Perspectives On School edited by Jeffery Shultz & Allison Cook-Sather (2001).


What Works in Education Reform: Putting Young People at the Center by Joel Tolman, P. Ford, & Merta Irby (2003).


Listening To Urban Kids: School Reform And The Teachers They Want by B. Wilson & HD Corbett (2001).


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